About Us

CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult is a registered Education Technology Company with RC Number: 2805130 in Nigeria. As a visionay education consult set up to empower teachers and students, CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult's major aim is making sure that educators in Nigeria are adequately equiped and trained in technology application in schools with students creative involvement for global collaboration and learning.

CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult is run by highly experienced educators delivering world class conferences and events targeting majorly areas where students have limited access to technology. We work with IT centers, religious centers, schools, school groups, world global education organizations and nonprofit organizations. We also organise trainings, workshops and conferences that empower educators and learners with 21st century teaching and learning designs.

Our vision is to become a world leading education technology consulting company. Our mission is to provide educational consultancy services with a special focus on the use of technology for teaching, learning, collaboration and administration.

For enquiries and participation please contact:

Uche on +234 8038563171 (Call and Whatsapp)
Emmanuel on 0807 648 0110 (Call) and 08188885751 (Whatsapp)



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